Introduction: Easy No Egg Ravioli/Perogi Dough

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A quick and easy way to make your own ravioli/perogi dough. No need for a grocery list or fancy kitchen skills for this recipe as only three ingredients are needed!

A perfect dough if you are needing an eggless pasta.

This recipe will yield about 48 raviolis or 10 large 6" perogies.

I include instructions to make the dough by hand or with a food processor.

For this Instructable, the photos will show the making of large dinner size perogies with the dough.

Step 1: Ingredients/Equipment Needed:

3 cups of all purpose flour

2 Tablespoons of Olive oil (melted butter/margarine may be substituted)

1 cup of water

1 teaspoon salt (optional)

A large bowl and fork
A food processor

Step 2: Mixing the Ingredients:

 1. Put three cups of flour into a large bowl, making a well in the center.


     Put three cups of flour into a food processor - secure the lid.

   2. Add the wet ingredients to the well and very slowly mix together with a fork incorporating a little flour at a time. Knead by hand for about ten minutes, rest covered for half an hour. Repeat kneading until the dough is smooth and silky/slightly sticky.


Add the wet ingredients to the processor's fill tube pulsing until well mixed. A ball of dough should form and pull away from the edges of the bowl. Continue to pulse for about one minute kneading the dough. Let rest in the bowl for at least one half an hour to help relax the gluten.

 3. The pasta can now rolled with a pin or it can be shaped with a machine.

Step 3: Finishing Up:

Roll out the dough to the desired shape and thickness.

I use a 6" perogi/pie press.

Cut out, fill and seal the pasta.

The filling that I am using is  a mash potatoe,sour cream, chives and butter mix.

Optional - Freeze on a lined cookie sheet for the least chance of leakage during boiling.

If freezing for later use, remove frozen pasta from the cookie sheet and put into a sealable freezer bag. The frozen ravioli/perogies should keep well for up to three months.

Step 4: Cooking the Ravioli/Perogies

Heat water to boiling in a 4-6 quart pot; add the pasta carefully to the water.

Frozen pasta (20-30 minutes in the freezer)  is less likely to open up while boiling than fresh.

Boiling fresh pasta takes significantly less time than dry pasta. Depending on the shape and size, cook for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, double the time if using filled pasta that has been frozen.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Saute in butter to lightly brown (optional.)

Top with favorite sauce, serve and enjoy.

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