Introduction: Easy No Knead Restaurant Quality Pizza in Under 1 Hour

Traditionally the turn-off of making good pizza dough is that it takes hours of rising and then kneading, and then rising again, This dough only takes 30 minutes to fully rise, and if you're fast you should be able to be eating it within an hour of mixing the first ingredients. I have made this every Friday for years, and have had many complements from all who have tasted it (even from pizza snobs).

Feel free to change modify this recipe,

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NOTE:Pictures are of a double size batch, so your batch should look about half the size of the batch in the pictures.



Large mixing bowl

Small mixing bowl

Rubber spatula

Measuring cups/spoons

Wire Whisk (optional)






For Dough

4 Cups Flour

2 Cups Water

1 Tbsp Dry Yeast

1 Tbsp Sugar

For Sauce

1/2 14oz Can Tomato sauce or 1/2 6oz Tomato Paste + 2 Parts Water

1 Tsp Salt

1 Tsp Sugar

1 Tsp Italian Seasoning

1/2 Tsp Garlic Powder

Toppings And Baking

Mozzarella Cheese + Whatever Else You Like, I Use Pepperoni


Olive Oil

Step 1: Prep/Proofing the Dough

Preheat your oven to 500f

Whisk the yeast, sugar and water together in your large bowl, mix well, Add HALF(2 cups) of your flour and whisk until well mixed

Let sit 10 minutes (Proofing/Letting the yeast activate)

Step 2: The Sauce

While the dough is proofing Its time to make the sauce

Take your small bowl and mix all the sauce ingredients together thoroughly with a fork.

Step 3: Mix Dough Together and Let It Rise

After 10 minutes mix in the rest of the flour, You will now need the spatula, When the dough is thoroughly mixed it should be a somewhat sticky blob, Cover the bowl and let it sit in a warm area for 20 minutes.

Step 4: Pre Baking (Almost There!!)

Once the dough has risen, scrape it back down into a ball with the spatula (see pic 3), Oil and salt the pan you intend to use, apply some oil to your hands, this is a sticky dough!! Scoop out a blob of dough appropriate to your pan size and pat it out evenly using the fingertips, turning it over to get the oil on both sides is a good idea.

Apply a couple spoonfuls of the sauce and spread it evenly, Distribute the cheese evenly over the sauce (amount is up to you)

Add topping according to personal preference.

Step 5: Baking

Place the pan on center rack and bake for 10 minutes, if it looks too pale for you, put it back in for another minute.

Let cool for 5 minutes


One thing to note here,

Ideal oven temperature and cooking time may vary according to pan size, feel free to experiment, 500f for 10 minutes for my small pans will probably be both too hot, and too short a cooking time for a larger pan.

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