Introduction: Easy No Sew Headband

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I recently got a ton of free toddler shirts and they needed to be used! So I decided to try out fabric quilling and make some fringe flowers from them.
I have NEVER quilled before so these are very easy to make for a beginner and you don't need a sewing machine for any of it! These flowers can be used to embellish clothes, hair clips, decorate pillows, or maybe even on picture frames. I chose to add it to a headband, and I will walk you through the steps to make all of it.

Step 1: What You Need

Fabric scissors
Tacky Glue
White pearl beads
Mechanical pencil or pen with a clip on the side

Step 2: Cut Strips

I cut the entire shirt out in as many strips as I could but you don't really need that much. I cut through both layers, front and back at the same time, to speed up the process.

Depending on your shirt size will depend on the length of your strips. These were my measurements I used.
4 strips that are 1/2" X 10"
5 strips that are 1"x14"

Step 3: Prepare Strips

Set your 4 shorter pieces to the side. (In the picture mine are stacked on each other)

The other pieces you will cut slits in them down the entire length, like the picture example.

Step 4: Inner

Start by wrapping one of your smaller pieces under the clip on the pencil or pen. Then while stretching your fabric wrap it tight around the pencil. Once you reach the end of the strip put a dab of glue on it so you can glue the next piece on. Use all 4 shorter pieces.

Step 5: Fringes

These pieces are wider so it will lay out further than the others when wrapping it around. Repeat the same gluing and adding process that you did in the step before.

Push them all flat when done, so it looks like a flower.

Step 6: Beads

Gently remove the flower from your pencil. Gently push the inner together so the hole is no longer there. Then add some glue to the center and carefully place the beads on the glue, and let it dry.

Step 7: Making Headband

Cut the bottom section of the other shirt off, approximately 6 inches up from the bottom of the shirt. You don't need a shirt will the ruffled edge like this, I just liked the look of it.

Cut to the width of the shirt to the size that you would like your headband to be. This will be the length wrapping around the head.

Turn it inside out and fold over the length of the headband so it overlaps. Place glue down the edge of it, and glue the sides together.

With it still inside out, glue the edge where you cut for the width of the headband. Glue all these layers together at this edge.

Let it dry

Step 8:

Turn your headband right side out.

Place glue on the backside of your flower and firmly press it to the glued seam you created in the step before.

Let dry

All done, and ready to be used! Simply adorable!

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