Introduction: Easy Rubber Band Wood and PVC Sniper Rifle

So I had this PVC pipe and 2x4s sitting in my basement and I thought, "Hey, I'll make a fake weapon out of this!" It's a fairly simple and personalizable build and all the tools you need are a jigsaw and sander. I used an interchangeable tool set. Note: I am not responsible for any injuries caused by power tools. You may also be able to make it shoot rubber bands. Also, a great tool for starting drilling is a spring-loaded center punch, shown above.

Step 1: The Mainframe

34 1/2 in. 2x4
20 in. 2x4
Sander or sandpaper
2 hex screws

Cut a 2x4 to 34 1/2 inches and cut a bit off the front as shown. Then sand the edges until they are smooth. Then cut then the second 2x4 as shown in the picture, with a magazine and two slopes. I also bolted on a square 2x4 to the back of the 34 inch one with hex screws to make the stock bigger. Then I used two hex screws on the front and back of the bottom piece to secure it to the top. I also took two paint sticks and painted them.

Step 2: The Barrel and Scope

37 1/4 in. long 1 inch PVC pipe
14 1/4 in. Long 2 inch PVC
3 1/2 in. Long 2 inch PVC

Cut to specific lengths. I painted them before I took the picture. Later, I made another 3 1/2 inch section of PVC and drilled two holes on each side. Then I held the barrel in the center of it and drilled holes in the barrel through the first holes and screwed wood screws through each pair of holes, securing the barrel in the middle of the tip. I may have gotten the PVC sizes wrong, but the lengths are correct.

Step 3: The Stand

For the sniping stand, I used one of those sandal holders and cut off the sides. Then I used a candle to melt and bend it to the shape I wanted, shown above. I then took two spare wood screws and drilled two holes in the top of the stand. Finally, I screwed them in, one below the other because they were a bit long, and made a fold-down stand.

Step 4: Painting

Silver metallic spray paint
Sage green spray paint
Dark brown spray paint
Large piece of wood for painting

For the camo design, I used a dark brown, a silver gray metallic, and a sage green. I ran out of broown when I got to the wood, so I just used the gray as the base. All were spray paints.

Step 5: Putting It All Together


Wood glue
Sawhorses/some kind of brace
Thin plastic sheet
Hot glue gun
2 wood screws any size
Gorrila tape or duct tape
5 hex screws

To finalize the sniper, I drilled holes in a circle in the front and used a screwdriver as a chisel for the wood in between holes. This was a bad idea and split the wood, but I had no other way. If anybody has any ideas, post in the comments. You might have to use smaller PVC. Anyway, I inserted the PVC pipe and wood glued it in with titebond wood glue. I put the frame between sawhorses, leaned it against my workbench, and put wood on either side of the barrel. Then I leaned it in a corner, which was much more stable. The wood glue needed a good 48 hours to dry fully, then I put a second and third coat. To further brace it (This part is essential), I hex screwed the paint sticks to the top and bottom as shown, 3 on the bottom (one on the PVC and 2 on the mainframe) and two on the top (one on each part), connecting the PVC to the mainframe tip. I then drilled holes in the bottom of the scope, bigger than the wood screws, and slipped the wood screws in from the inside. Then I drilled holes the size of my screw driver on the top of the scope and drilled two more, the same length apart as the first two screws, in the mainframe. Finally, I screwed on the scope and covered the holes with black gorilla tape, then painted over it. I also cut two circles out of the plastic sheet, drew a cross on one, and hot glued them to both ends of the scope, the crossed one toward the barrel. You might be able to use lenses and make a real scope.

Step 6: Optional Firing Attachment

Several rubber bands
Jumbo popsicle stick
Small carboard box

First, I cut a notch in the front of the barrel and make sure it's smooth. then loop a rubber band through another and pull it through itself to tie them together I now had one ammo round. Then I cut a small square of cardboard, squished one side down and put hot glue on it. Then I glued a thin strip of cardboard to the opposite side and glued the other side of the thin strip and the front of the square right behind the barrel tip to make a ramp leading up to the edge of the tip as shown. This prevents the rubber band from getting stuck on the tip. Then, I glued pieces of jumbo popsicle sticks together as shown and painted them. I nailed this piece in front of the handgrip as shown, drilled a small hole in it, and threaded string up through it with a knot at the end as shown. I also nailed a clothespin to the top brace, drilled a small hole in the top, and threaded the other end of the string tightly through, tying a knot on the other side of the hole. My hole was too big and cracked the clothespin, so I had to duct tape it. I also took a small cardboard box, painted it, and hot glued it to the side of the mainframe as an ammo box.