Easy Office Supplies Hidden Blade/ Hidden Ball Chain Thrower

Introduction: Easy Office Supplies Hidden Blade/ Hidden Ball Chain Thrower

Hello, in this instructable I will show you how to make a hidden blade out of a pen. I will also show you how to make a secret ball chain launcher. Hope you enjoy! :)

Step 1: Materials

Here are some of the materials you will need for the hidden blade:

a pen and a rubber band


your hands

Step 2: Dismantling the Pen

After you get the pen, take out the ink cartridge, then take the small plastic thing near the ball of the pen (the picture will help. Also, the plastic thing I'm talking about is circled in yellow).

Step 3: Final Assembly

Now, just put in the ink cartridge upside-down, and put the plastic thing on, and you're done! (to activate, throw your arm forward, and the blade will come out. To deactivate, just do the reverse.)

Step 4: The Ball Chain Launcher

Do the same thing you did for the hidden blade. Take out the ink cartridge, take off the plastic thing near the ink cartridge (circled in yellow), put it back on, and the body is finished! Now, just put in a piece of ball chain a little bit smaller than the pen. You can put on the cap to keep the ball chain from falling out. To launch, just take off the cap and swing your arm.(Also, if the ball chain doesn't launch, try taking the little plastic piece (that is circled in yellow) out, and just use the main body of the pen instead.)

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    5 years ago

    Nice u should enter it in the hiding place contest! ;D