Easy Old Time Limeade / Lemonade




Introduction: Easy Old Time Limeade / Lemonade

This is an awesome easy recipe for a hot day! Takes a day to make and is not hard at all!

I know some don't have a dehydrator but it is possible in an oven! There are directions for this online :)

Step 1: Gather Materials

All you will need is:
2 limes (I made lime aid would also work with 2 lemons)
a jar for the finished product
and a dehydrator.

Step 2: Slice the Limes (or Lemons)

Nice and thin is better for the dehydration process!

A sharp knife goes a long way in this step!!!

Step 3: Commence Dehydration!

Ok so spread the sliced limes evenly over the racks!

DO NOT ADD SUGAR YET! you will loose a lot of juices and diminish the flavor... :(

Dehydrate for one hour.

Step 4: Sugar!

Ok this is the best part and will make or break the juice! So get as much on the slices as you can!!!

After you sugar them dehydrate for another hour and repeat as needed. I did mine twice and it turned out well with a very strong lime taste!

Step 5: Water (or Alcohol for Those 21 and Up)

This is easy just fill your jar most of the way up and then pour it into a pot with low heat under! Add as much sugar as you want (or can; if you like it sweet ;)

If it's alcohol no need to do anything you can just skip to the next step!

Step 6: Add the Limes and Wait!

Put your slices in the sugar water after they are dried up. And Wait!

I waited over night and in the morning it was amazing once it got hot! :)

Step 7: Enjoy

I left the Limes in! I thought it looked cool...

Refrigerate and share... It's delicious...

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    that looks like a tasty beverage and a good technique easy to follow instructable