Easy Organization! Cardboard Storage Box

Introduction: Easy Organization! Cardboard Storage Box

My room often got into chaos, things piled up on the desk, shelf and even the floor. It wasn’t until last summer when I took an organization lesson that I decided to end this mess. The spend was little while it comes out quite well.

Step 1: Two Essential Questions About Organization

As an organization-lover for several years, I strongly recommend the following steps for getting organized, they’re proved helpful by many people! Among them, No.3 & No.4 are two essential questions about organization.(In other words, once you figure out the answers, you'll probably be away from chaos forever!)

  1. Gather EVERYTHING
  2. What is it? Classification time!
  3. Decide whether to keep it or not. (go through the things one by one)
  4. Decide where to place it.
  5. Look for suitable container&method for storage.

After finishing all these steps I find that almost all my stuff belong to different types of handcrafts , so I gave each one of them a cardboard box as a new home~ which functions pretty well.

[TIPS] Reasons to choose cardboard boxes as containers

They are cheap, light, and don’t worry, strong enough for the odds and ends!

Step 2: Orgianzed But……

… but not looking good :( I searched some reference pictures online and realized that with this old-yellowish color, there’s no way that my bookshelf will have a good look! So I wrapped it all over with apricot wallpaper, which also connects well with the wardrobe besides.

Step 3: Making a Cardboard Storage Box

Wall paper again!!!

1-6 It’s really a good idea to change the color/texture of the cardboard boxes with wallpaper. When finished and lined up, they provide orderly partition and fit pretty well with the bookshelf.

Step 4: LABEL

LABELS are soooooo important! For they not only tell you what’s inside the box, but also serve as a decoration which enhance the quality of even a simplest box.

1-4 Cut a card, write down the label, you can also try other shapes or colors, or add in graphics.

5-8 Here’s a little trick, use two triangle corners( usually used for holding photos) to fix the label so that you can change it anytime.

Step 5: Details and Ta Da Moment

1-4 To fetch the boxes more easily, I poked two holes above the label and added a leather string as the handle.

When the 10 new containers line up, I’d say they look pretty orderly,tidy, and clear!

Step 6: Some More Storage Boxes

Besides to the handmade cardboard boxes, I bought some more plastic ones, and each has its pros and cons, here’s a brief comparison among them and you can choose according to personal preferences& needs.

Step 7: Storage I. Opaque/Enclosed

Pros: Absolutely organized and can fit well with other furniture&prevent dust

Cons: You could toally forget what’s inside and just leave it there.

Step 8: Storage II. Transparent/Open

Pros: Couldn’t be clearer! Also a good way to show off your lil treasures ;)

Cons: Sometimes can look a bit messy, so I suggest use it only in a small area

Step 9: Storage III. Semi-closed

A mix of type-I and type-II, so it has both advantages. A good choice for anywhere.

Step 10: S8 Enjoying an Organized Life~

No more chaos, yayyyyyy! Above the cardboard storage boxes lies my guitar with LEDs, below are my works, the mess has now become an enjoyable and clear view.

For me, organization doesn’t mean hiding everything into dozens of square boxes, but a way to see what you are playing with in your life, a box of memories,hobbies,desires ……that way you better understand yourself and spare more space for joy~

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