Introduction: Easy Origami Holiday Star: Hanukkah or Christmas Decoration: Simple Paper Craft for All Ages

If you are searching for an easy, decorative holiday craft you have come to the right place! This star can be made with everyday household materials: a single piece of rectangular paper and some scissors.

Simple enough for a child, but engaging enough for adults, this project is great for all ages.

You can place them directly on a Christmas tree or stand them up on nearly any surface!

Easy Origami Holiday Hanukkah/Chanukah or Christmas Star: Simple Paper Craft is not something you will want to miss!

Step 1: Fold the Paper in Half Both Horizontally and Vertically

Step 2: Rotate the Paper "hamburger Style" and Fold the Top and Bottom Halves Into the Center. Unfold. (The Paper Is Now Divided Into Four Sections)

Step 3: Keep Folding the Paper Into Smaller Sections As Shown in the Image. (The Paper Should Now Be Divided Into Eight Sections)

Step 4: Keep Folding the Paper Into Smaller Sections. (The Paper Is Now Divided Into Sixteen Sections)

Step 5: Rotate the Paper "hot Dog Style" and Fold Both the Top and Bottom Half Into the Center. This Is Like Step 2, Except for Hot Dog Instead of Hamburger

Step 6: Keep Folding Hot Dog Until the Paper Looks Like Is Shown in the Image: 16x8

Step 7: Cut or Tear Off a 2x8 Section of the Paper. (Your Paper Should Now Be 14x8)

If you want, you can make a smaller star using the 2x8 section of the paper, shown in Step 13

Step 8: Refold Along the Existing Hamburger Creases As Shown

Step 9: Fold Along the Existing Thirteen Creases As Shown

Step 10: Unfold and Your Paper Should Look Like This

Step 11: Take Each End of the Strip of Paper and Slide Them Together As Shown. Keep Merging Them Together and It Will Begin to Look Like a Star

Step 12: Optional: Take Two or More Stars and Insert One Inside the Other. (The Image Shows Three Stars Inside of Each Other)

Step 13: Optional: Use the 2x8 Strip to Make Another Star the Same Way the Larger Star Was Made

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