Introduction: Easy Origami Valentine's Day Gift - Heart in a Bottle!

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This is a fun little project that makes for an excellent valentine's day gift! The instructions are easy and the project only requires some paper, thread, and a glass jar. In my tutorial I use small cork jars, but the project can be scaled to fit any transparent container by adjusting the size of the paper used.


Origami Paper



Glass Jar


Glitter, confetti, or any other item for decoration

Step 1:

Find a glass, or transparent container to place the hearts. Make sure it is tall enough to fit both hearts.

Step 2:

Fold two traditional origami hearts. The size of the square paper you use depends on the size of the container.

Step 3:

Glue the hearts together.

Step 4:

Attach a piece of string or thread to the back of the hearts.

Step 5:

Poke a small hole into the top of the container lid and pull the thread through.

Step 6:

Secure the thread in a way that looks good on the container.

Step 7:

If you want, add glitter, confetti, beads, or any other decoration in the jar.

Step 8:

Carefully insert the hearts into the jar. Secure the container lid in place.

Step 9:

Present the gift to your significant other!

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