Introduction: Easy Paper Battery Holder

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If you find it difficult to find a holder for coin cell battery while doing small projects with your kids or students just like me, then this Instructables is just for you.

This battery holder also has an ON or OFF position depending on how you close the envelope.


Supplies are:

1) Card stock paper or ant thick paper. 15*15 cms

2) Copper tape

3) A pair of scissors

4) Coin cell and LED for testing

Step 1: Drawing and Cutting

Draw a Figure of4 according to the measurements shown above and cut it using scissors.

Observe that this Figure of 4 has two flaps. Horizontal which is extended to the right and vertical which is extended downward.

Step 2: Copper Taping

1) Peel off the paper backing of the copper tape and stick it inthe Reverse 7 manner adjacent to the vertical flap of figure 4.

2) Flip over the paper and stick the copper down over the printed line and leave the excess copper dangling off the battery holder.

Step 3: Making Battery Pocket

1) Flip over the paper and fold the vertical flap till it reaches the line of the horizontal; flap. While folding, makes sure that the copper tape is on the outside. If not flip over the paper and fold, you are doing it wrong. This step creates a springy tab which ensures good contact with the battery.

2) Now, fold the horizontal flap on the left, over to the right. Flip the battery holder over and fold the extra bit of the flap around the back of the holder. Use tape to stick it.

Step 4: Pack It

1) Slide a coin cell battery inside the pocket and close the top flap as you close an envelope.

2) Roll the copper tape around the back of the envelope and we are done.

Step 5: The Battery Holder Is Ready

The two copper tape lane are the two terminals of your battery holder.

Depending on how you close the envelope, you can also add a switch function to turn it ON or OFF.

To turn the battery holder on, tuck the top flat between the outside band and the negative lead. This ensures a tight contact between the leads and the battery

To turn the battery holder off, tuck the top flat between the negative lead and the battery. This isolates the battery from the negative lead, ensuring that the circuit is off without needing to remove the battery from the circuit.

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