Introduction: Easy Paper Crafts: How to Make Beautiful DIY Floral Craft for Decoration

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Making Easy paper crafts is one hobby that all craft lovers develop in their initial days of crafting. with me, this time, I give you the opportunity to learn the easiest of easy paper crafts! Learn How to make beautiful DIY Floral Craft for Decoration. From Gift wrapping projects to DIY Best Home Decor Ideas, and even for your kid's school projects, this easy, simple and superb looking DIY Floral Craft for Decoration is the best thing you could make with something as simple as paper.

So come, let's create this beautiful DIY Floral Craft for Decoration!

Step 1: Grab Your Craft Supplies.

The pre-requisites to make this beautiful DIY Floral Craft for Decoration is nothing but the usual craft supplies that you have in your craft kit.

Decorative paper

Color paper



Decorative tape

Craft Glue

Step 2: Let the Paper Folding Begin.

Cut 8 square papers from a yellow colored sheet measuring 7 cm x 7 cm each.

Then fold the paper diagonally, eventually giving you a flower shape.

Step 3: You Have a Flower Petal!

Keep folding the paper until you have achieved the petal.

Follow the instructions in the tutorial to learn how to fold the paper to make a flower petal.

Step 4: Petals for Your Vibrant Flowers

Make petals using the colored papers in the following way:

8 yellow petals

7 pink petals

6 green petals.

Step 5: Build Up Your Craft!

Join the petals as shown together to make the yellow flower.

Take a piece of cardboard and cover one of the edge with Decorative tape,

Begin to paste the yellow flower on the cardboard.

And place the pink petals arranging them layer by layer on top of the yellow flower.

Step 6: Complete Your Craft

Take the green petals and add the final layer of the flower.

You can use this cardboard base as a lid for a decorative gift box.

Cover a cardboard box with a decorative paper.

Use this pretty looking DIY Floral Craft as a decorative craft.

Step 7: Your Craft Is Ready!

Is'nt this easy paper craft beautiful! Add charm to your home decor or , take a gift box and decorate it with this bright and perky colored floral absolutely charming Do It Yourself craft to do at home. Make this flower decoration on Valentine’s Day, and surprise your mother on Mother’s Day with this fabulous gift too!

Watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make an easy DIY Decorative Floral Craft!