Easy Paper Crafts for Girls: How to Make a Pretty Paper Clutch Bag




Introduction: Easy Paper Crafts for Girls: How to Make a Pretty Paper Clutch Bag

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Ladies! It is time for you to get your crafting caps on and check out this stunning easy paper craft for girls. Grab some colored paper and join me in learning how to make Pretty Paper Clutch Bag. An easy paper craft idea this clutch bag is a spectacular fashion accessory for girls, and an amazing craft idea to do with paper, for your next Do It Yourself Project at home.Fun crafts for girls were never this easy and useful! Make this super cute Paper clutch bag and carry it with style.

You can also make this colorful Paper Clutch bag as a pretty Handmade Gift Idea and gift it to your mother on Mother's day or your friends as a Birthday Gift too. Watch the super easy and step by step tutorial on How to make a Paper Clutch Bag.

Step 1: Material Required

There a few basic craft essentials that you need to make the Paper Clutch Bag.

Red and Golden Texture Sheet

Decorative Pearls

Press Button

Glue stick






Step 2: Cut the Paper!

To make the Paper Clutch Bag you need to cut a colored paper as per the dimensions and make the cuts to fold the paper bag , with a pencil and ruler, as shown.

Step 3: Fold the Paper!

Run a cutter slightly along the markings and fold the paper along the creases and cuts made on the paper, to make the sides and folds of the clutch bag.

Join the paper sides with glue to make the Paper Bag.

Watch the complete tutorial on how to make the Paper Clutch Bag.

Step 4:

Step 5: Add the Flap!

Take a square measuring 8 cm from the golden texture sheet.

Draw the shape and cut the golden texture sheet in the shape of the flap.

Fold it in half and paste it in the center of the paper Clutch Bag.

Step 6: Paper Clutch Bag Is Ready!

Decorate the border of the bag with decorative pearls.

Add a press button to lock the Clutch Bag and a decorative Pearl to add a glamorous touch.

Step 7: DIY Paper Clutch Bag

Take this Easy paper craft of a DIY Paper Clutch Bag as a cool and trendy fashion accessory to the next party and watch the compliments come to you. Use this Paper Clutch Bag as an easy paper craft ideafor small girls and you can also use this clutch to store money making it a handmade paper wallet bag too! This Paper Clutch Bag deserves a spot in your next DIY Best Home Projects.

Watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make a DIY Paper Clutch Bag.

Step 8:

Step 9:

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