Introduction: Easy Paper Mug

This is my first instructable, showing how to make a simple paper mug for those who like origami, don't have access to "real" mugs or for the picnic.

Step 1: Materials

You will need: Paper (Preferably squared paper) and two working hands.

Step 2: Folding the Paper

First, flip the paper so that the side you want to see is facing the table, (in my case the blue side)

Then fold the paper like me, across to the other corner. remember, the better you fold it now the better it will turn out later.

Now, choose any object with a plain side, I chose a pencil.

Flatten the crease with a bit of force so it stays folded and flat.

Now fold the right corner to the left side and align it as good as you can.

It should look like this. Now flip the paper and repeat.

You should now have two flaps, fold each one down like in the picture, flatten the crease with the object you choose earlier, flip and should look like this now. open the mug with a small object like a fingernail or a pencil.

Your paper mug is now finished! amaze your friends! remember to practice folding these so you can make them faster, enjoy!