Introduction: Easy Paracord and Med Bottle Dog Poop Bag Holder

It's spring and time to do even more dog walking than usual!

Problem: broken poop bag dispenser! I buy these bags in bulk but they only come with one dispenser and the plastic attachment hook always breaks off. I also like to keep an extra roll or two in the car and backpack. Using poop bags without the dispenser always leads to a jumbled mess of bags. I wanted a few extra dispensers and noticed that prescription pill bottles are about the perfect size, so I thought I would fancy one up a bit with some paracord and add a durable attachment hook. Check it out!


  • 2 6 foot paracord sections (I used 7' and had extra) (optionally 2 different colors)
  • Prescription medication bottle
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Rubber band
  • Large drill bit and drill (I used 1/2"). A Dremel tool or even an X-Acto knife would work too.
  • Leash hasp, carabiner or keyring hook.

Step 1: Hitch Er Up!

I wanted to spice up my pill bottle with paracord and use it to allow me to hook the bottle to a dog leash or a backpack. After some research I found an easy paracord wrapping technique called Ringbolt Hitching. This technique uses two separate cords, I had two different colors available and I felt it would be easier to demonstrate the technique, but you could easily just use a single color.

  • Start with 2 at least 6' cords (I used 7' to have extra to play with)
  • Cut the ends and melt with a lighter to avoid fraying
  • Start with the left cord,
  • wrap cord around to the right
  • create a loop
  • fit the end under the loop
  • pull tight
  • pull end back to the left side
  • Repeat for the right side
  • wrap cord around to the left
  • create a loop
  • fit the end under the loop
  • pull tight
  • pull end back to the right side
  • You can push the cord towards the lip at the top of the bottle and slightly adjust the cord to keep it tight and straight
  • Finish the top and bottom off with a simple square knot.

Step 2: Finishing Touches

These steps might vary based on what you have and your needs. To make the hole in the cap, I used a 1/2" drill bit, but you could use a Dremel tool or even an X-Acto knife. I had the attachment hasp but you could use a simple keyring or just a loop of cord.

  • Attach the hasp near the top of the bottle, again using basic square knot.
  • Cut off excess cord. Melt the ends to avoid fraying.
  • Drill a hole in the top to make for easy dispensing

With the finishing touches done, it's time for a walk! Enjoy and thanks for checking out this Instructable!

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