Easy Peasy Spinach

Introduction: Easy Peasy Spinach

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I'm sure we all have seen 'Popeye the Sailor man' and how beneficial spinach is, isn't it? Spinach is one of the leafy vegetables that is loaded with nutrients. Here is a very easy and less time consuming way to prepare healthy spinach!


1) Spinach
2) Chopped Garlic
3) Olive oil
4) Chopped Onion ( optional)
5) Salt

Step 1: Chopping

Take fresh Spinach and wash properly. You can use the entire leaf as it is or chop them according to your convenience.

Step 2: Heat the Pan

Take a pan and heat it on stove. Pour olive oil in the pan. Then add chopped garlic and sauteed till brownish. You can also add chopped onions as per liking.

Step 3: Cook

Add the leaves of Spinach, whole or chopped, mix well. Add pinch of salt for taste.
Note : Spinach reduces to half it's quantity after being cooked.

Step 4: Ready!

Cook for about 10-15 minutes with a lid on the pan. Some water residue might form in the pan but that is full of nutrients so don't waste it! Voila, Spinach is ready in a jiffy!

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