Introduction: Easy Peasy White Glue Sticker

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This is a White Glue sticker that is super simple to make and would stick to windows, flat glass, mirrors and any other super smooth surface. Removable and leave no stain. perfect project to do with the kids and dress up your boring dorm windows!

I played with this "craft" when I grew up in Asia... not sure if yall play with this as well or not?

Step 1: Squeeze

All you need for this project is:

1. White Glue

2. Flat smooth plastic surface to squeeze the glue on to

3. Sharpie and highlighter to draw your designs

Just Squeeze a generous amount of white glue on a smooth plastic surface. I did mine at about 1mm thickness. let dry overnight. try to remove obvious air bubble... (I didnt remove mine)

Step 2: Peel and Draw

The glue should dry to half transparent color. Peel carefully.

Draw desired pattern with sharpie/highlighter on the top, not the smooth shiny side. Ball pen doesn't work well.

I drew my pattern on a piece of paper then trace it since it is see-through. let dry for 1 minute.

Step 3: Enjoy

Enjoy this craft with your kids and remember to vote for me and check out my other instructibles! =D

*if it doesn't stick, just bow some moisture to the back and it should work. Just like those suction cups.*

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