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Introduction: Easy Peter Pan Costume

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Our family loves Peter Pan, so for Halloween this year we decided to all dress up as characters from the movie Peter Pan.

My 3 year old son wanted to be Peter, and ended up thrilled with his Peter costume. I decided to do something easy for his costume, that would also be comfortable for him. I love how it turned out, and was so happy with how easy this was to make!

Step 1: Supplies

Needed Supplies:

-Green T-Shirt- long enough to hit mid thigh.

-Green Tights

-Green Felt- for my 3 year old I needed 2 pieces of felt 8 inches by 14 inches.

-1 Red Feather

-Brown Belt- or brown felt to cut into a long strip for a belt.

Note- I was using what I had on hand, so I actually started with a yellow shirt, and white cotton tights (old ones of my 6 year old daughter's), and dyed them green. Dyeing is a good option if you want to use what you have on hand, or if you are having trouble finding a green shirt tights.
To dye, make sure that the shirt and tights you use are made with a high percentage of cotton. I really like Fiber Reactive Dyes. They can be found at craft stores. I use Dharma dyes that I order online, some brands that work well that you can find in craft stores are Dylon and Tulip dyes. Follow the package instructions.

Step 2: Peter Pan Hat

-Measure the circumference of the head of the person for whom you are making the costume. My son's head measured 20 inches around.

-Divide that measurement by 2 and add some extra inches. This measurement will be the bottom long side of your triangle. This length ended up being 14 inches for my son.

Note- It's a good idea to do a practice cut of your triangle on some scrap fabric and sew it to make sure it will fit correctly before cutting into your felt. I was glad I did a practice hat, because my first one ended up too small and I had to adjust my measurements.

-Cut your triangles from the 2 pieces of felt. For my son's head I cut his hat 14 inches across the bottom, and 8 inches high from the center of the bottom up to the top point.

-With your 2 pieces of felt together, sew the two sides. This can be machine or hand sewn. It might even work to just staple the two edges.

-Cut the top tip of the hat making sure not to cut through the sewing. This will help there to be a nice point at the top.

-Turn it right side out and you've got a hat.

-I didn't like how the ends stuck out, so I sewed the tip of both ends under.

-Cut 2 small holes in the middle of the left side of the hat with one hole above the other, and stick the end of the red feather through the holes to hold it.

-Admire your awesome and quick Peter Pan hat!

-If you are worried about the hat falling off, you can sew a piece of elastic to each side to go under the chin to hold it on.

Step 3: Peter Pan Shirt

-Cut off the bottom shirt hem, and the hems around the edge of each sleeve of your shirt.

-Cut the bottom of the shirt into points. An easy way to do this is to fold the shirt in half lengthwise, then fold it lengthwise again. Cut an angled line with the bottom point being at the center and two side edges of the shirt.

-Cut angled points along the edge of the sleeves.

-Cut a V in the the front center of the shirt.

Step 4: All Done!

-Put on the green tights, Peter Pan shirt and hat, add a brown belt and Ta-Da, it's Peter Pan!

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    6 years ago

    No pattern?! That's my speed! This turned out perfect for the boy who won't grow up! Hope your family had a Darling time!


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thank you so much! We had a great time.