Introduction: Easy Photography Set Up

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Trying to make your photos look professional? A good set up can make subpar photos look fantastic. Here is a quick write up of how we at instructables did our simple set up for smaller projects!

Want a light diffuser to go with it, check out this instructable by carleyy

Step 1: Supplies

For this project you will need:

2 Broom hanging brackets. I used these as the holding hooks.
1 long piece of steel pipe, this was found on the instructables roof

For the back drop paper we used 18% gray photo paper from the photography store. You can use a roll of butcher paper if you don't have the photo paper.

Step 2: Put Up the Brackets

First step put up the brackets, they should be drilled into a stud for stability if you can.

We placed the brackets about 6 feet apart because our paper roll was 5 feet, adjust this as needed.

Step 3: Put Up the Pipe

Once the brackets are up, put the pipe up and check if its balanced.

Step 4: Put Up the Paper and Done!

Once you have the pipe up, take it off and slide the tube of photo paper on it and you're done!

We completed our photo set up by purchasing a daylight bulb and making a quick diffuser out of tissue paper!

Show us your photo set ups in the comments!