Easy Plywood Room Divider/Doorway Blackout/Plywood Backdrop

Introduction: Easy Plywood Room Divider/Doorway Blackout/Plywood Backdrop

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Hi there! This useful, creative and versatile Plywood background will most certainly had texture and functionality to your space in a jiffy and there is endless possibilities for decorating the basic cutout to suit your taste, color palette and esthetics for a temporary or even permanent change in your space. My dilemma was an unfinished and cluttered up space which needed to be hidden from guests. This solution work out quite nicely. Thank you for viewing and hope you will find pleasure creating your own version only look around first before going shopping you may already have all you need already. Below I show my version's method as well as tip you how to easily get steps done


The items you will need are as follows
1) 3 yards by 45'rose pink sheer fabric
2) 3 yards 8 inch strip of white fabric
3) 14 daisy flower heads
4) Green vines and ferns
5) Glue gun and glue sticks
6) Staple gun and staples
7) Scissors
8) 1 Sheet Plywood
9) Jig Saw
10) A round object to use as template
11) pencil for marking out circles for cutting out
12) A drill ( optional)
13) A measuring tape ( optional)

Step 1: Give It Thought

First take some time to think about a design that would suit your taste you can achieve unending intricacies from your design. My design comes from the background that I needed lots of twelve inch diameter cutouts for another project, you can also choose to have smaller or larger circles and space them differently for a different design outcome.
TIPS-1 Do bear in mind that the smaller your circles the less of the color of your fabric pop through.
TIP-2 Be careful to leave enough space between circles to support the frame to prevent breakage. Also, leave an about 8 inch space at one edge of the Plywood to be your top when your design is done.
TIP-3 On a piece of paper you can sketch out your simple or complex design then measure and mark out your design on the Plywood before proceed to get your design cutout.

Next stable your Plywood by leaning it against a support or laying it flat. Place your round object on the Plywood and begin tracing out circles according to your design choice

Step 2: Cut Out Your Circles

If you are going to Jig out the circles yourself, had to take mine to a friend to cut out not owning a jigsaw (maaw!!)
TIP1- If you don't own the tools you just might know someone who does so do not let that stop you
TIP2- When using a Jigsaw as I have come to learn precautionarily make a hole in board first using a drill to make way for the seemingly slender jigsaw blade to prevent it from breaking.
TIP- 3 In this case make the drill hole on the inside of the line you are going to cut on so as not to spoil your shape.
See the picture in this section for more clarity.
Use tips 1&2 to Jig out your shapes jigging along the line you have traced until all are cut out be sure to support your Plywood at the four corners and in the middle during the jigging stage. Shift your ply board as needed so as not to cut into your support underneath.

Step 3: Now to Add Colour

Oh ya! All cut out.
I am just lending my imagination to the intricacies of your designs.

Now for the fun part.
- Applying your fabric is easy just staple your sheer to the surface of one side of your ply board and flip the board over. Cut off excess fabric.

Step 4: The Next Side

On this side staple your 8 inch strip of white fabric to topmost edge of Plywood so that it, (the staple) are not seen on the front. Give fabric a slight stretch so it lays flat and staple the bottommost edge of Plywood again so that staples are not seen on surface. Cut off excess fabric.
Next- use your hot glue gun to affix daisies along the white strip of fabric starting at the top evenly spacing at about 7 inches apart

Step 5: Add Your Greenery Accessorize

Add your greeery to the top of your Plywood design I do this step after I've put the Plywood Blockout in its place affixing the greener with hot glue. I sort of use the edge of my bookshelf to hold the Plywood upright and place an asack/ ottoman adorn with coordinating cushions in front and flanked it on the other end by 'Plywood' box column and vase to complete the look. Loved how the Plywood got lost into the wall color and the fushia picks up on my accent wall to the left lastly I placed a small up light behind the Plywood blockout for interest. So glad to have shared my first how to do of many to come, was challenged to find the motivation so I am absolutely thankful that my shortcomings will be forgiven. Thank you!

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    2 years ago on Introduction

    This simple Plywood cut-out is so versatile can't wait to get the opportunity to show you other ideas I have for it including the original plan it was meant for. Thanks for viewing