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It's been a while since I've written an Instructable. I saw this contest and thought I might have one that's both easy and fun - and usually turns out looking great and provides a lot of fun for the kiddos. Done on a bigger scale, maybe even the grown-ups! :P

Especially given all of our situations' right now (Referring to Covid and social distancing requirements,) this could provide a terrific alternative to traditional door-to-door- trick-or-treating. Everyone can stay home, maybe invite over some close friends or family, dress up in your favorite spooky or funny Halloween costumes and the kids still get their Halloween candy when they get to take turns trying to break the piñata!

A couple of other ideas to add to a fun Halloween at-home party could include games like: 'Pin the Fangs on the Vampire' (another instructable I'll be publishing soon,) 'Who's Witch Can Fly the Furthest' (again, another instructable I'll be publishing soon,) 'Where's the Werewolf and many, many more!

You could turn this into a Halloween that your kids will always remember!

I hope everyone enjoys this instructable and find it helpful... or that it provides a little spooky inspiration. :)

** I will be adding more detailed photos as I go along, making my next one (within the next week.)

To everyone: Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!!


(Everything pictured above with an asterisk, can be substituted easily with another material; tool.)

1. Round Balloon*

The bigger the better! Color doesn't really matter, since it will be covered with orange (or black) crepe paper, anyway.

(*This can be substituted by using cardboard strips - probably 6 or 7 - folded as half-circles and connected at top and bottom to make a sphere.)

2. Scrap Paper*

(*This could be anything from old newspapers, old school papers, construction paper, paper towels, etc... I usually go to the 'Free Paper' stands near my local store and grab a couple of those.)

3. & 4. Flour and Water

There really is no set amounts to this. Everyone has their own personal preference. I start with about 4 cups of water in a large bowl and add about 2 cups of water. Then I mix with a blender to make sure there are no clumps. (It's been my experience that the more flour, the longer the dry time - but, the stronger the Paper Mache.)

5. Hot Glue Gun*

(* This could be substituted with any other type of glue, or even some of the Paper Mache mix!)

6. Hot Glue Sticks

Only needed if using a Hot Glue Gun.

7. Crepe Paper

Orange, black - or any color, really, that you'd like your pumpkin to be.

8. Xacto Knife

9. Scissors

10. Printed or Drawn Pumpkin Face

11. String

The stronger the better.

Step 1: Blow Up Your Balloon

Blow up your balloon (or construct your cardboard sphere,) to the size you'd like your piñata to be.

Step 2: Make Your Paper Mache Mix

In a large bowl mix the flour and water. I usually put the water in first and then add flour a little at a time until I get to a consistency of runny pancake mix. Mix well until there are no clumps. I use a blender, but that's not necessary.

Step 3: Cover Your Piñata With Crepe Paper

Always start at the bottom of the pumpkin so that the crepe paper overlaps itself in a downward direction. Hot glue (or attach with your choice of adhesive,) the beginning of the crepe paper to the very bottom and continue circling the entire pumpkin (using the hot glue gun, or other adhesive,) every few inches to ensure that the entire pumpkin is covered - all the way to the top.

Step 4: Cut Out and Attach Your Pumpkin Face

Cut out whatever you've chosen to use for your pumpkin face. I usually find one online and print it out. But, to make it more personalized, have your kids draw one! Cut out the individual eyes, nose, mouth or whatever features you want on your piñata. Then attach them with the glue gun (or any adhesive you've chosen to use,) to the front of your pumpkin.

Step 5: Cut Out the Candy/goodie Fill Hole

Using the Xacto knife, choose a spot near the back, top of the pumpkin and cut a flap (two cuts on the sides and one on bottom connecting those,) large enough to put in any candy and/or goodies you want to fill the piñata with.

Make sure the flap will close correctly without being too obvious.

Step 6: Attach String to Hang Up Your Pinata

At the very top of your pumpkin piñata, choose two small spots (approximately 3 inches apart,) and reinforce those spots with a little extra adhesive or even some strong tape.

Use your Xacto knife or scissors to make two small holes. One in each spot. This is where you can thread your string through to have something to hang your piñata from.

I usually reach in through the candy/goodie fill hole and put some additional reinforcement (tape, glue, etc.) on the spot where the strings go into the piñata, on the inside, just for added strength.

After all, you want all the kids to at least be able to take a couple of good whacks at the piñata, right? :D

Step 7: Attach the Pumpkin's Stem

Take the toilet paper roll and (kind of) roll/pinch it until it somewhat resembles a pumpkin stem. Cut it to the length you'd like. Attach with hot glue (or adhesive of your choice,) between the two spots for the string (the top of the pumpkin.)

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