Introduction: Easy Read Labels for Drugs

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Over the counter drugs are crazy helpful for lots of life's problems. The only problem is that trying to find out the most basic information of how much you should take is often obscured in a sea of text. This is all the worse when it's 2 am, you're feeling like utter crap and you're trying to use some of this stuff without waking anybody else up.

So the solution? Make labels with dosage info at the largest font you can fit on the package. Now you can use it easily and get back to lying in bed and drinking fluids to try and better.

Step 1: Problem

The dosage information for drugs is often buried deep within the mass of text that is called "Drug Facts."

Now, a lot of this information is very important. You should know about all of the relevant warnings. That should be available to you. It just shouldn't drown out the one tiny bit you're looking for. On some of these packages you even have to peel the label and look most of the way down to find this info.

Have you ever peeled a label and squinted at it at 2 am while you're sinuses are getting ready to go Total Recall on you? It sucks. Come on Drug Facts guys, at least use bold type or a different color or a red box around it. Something!

Step 2: Print and Cut Dosage Labels

So right now, when you're clear headed and comfy in front of your computer, read the dosage information and write it up in big font. Make sure to measure out the biggest space on the packaging you can use that doesn't hide the drug name or the Drug Facts and fill it with the biggest text you can.

With that done, print it and cut it.

Step 3: Tape Labels On

This last step is so easy, the title really says it all. Tape the labels on. You can use packing tape to be extra secure or regular scotch tape like I did here. Now put it back in your medicine cabinet and hope you don't need it for a while.