Introduction: Easy Recycled Braided Dog Toys

These adorable multi-colored rope toys are super simple to make and dogs love them!

I like to use old t-shirts, but you can use any stretchy fabric. A variety of colors looks best.

Step 1: Cut the Strips

Cut off the hem at the bottom, and then cut strips about 2 inches wide

Step 2: Choose the Correct Length

After cutting across the shirt, you will end up with a loop. Cut once on one side to create a long strip. Now you will need to decide how long to make the strips. Generally the finished product will be about 6 inches less than what you start with. For a small dog, I like each strip to be about 16 inches.

Step 3: Repeat With Each Color

Until you have 9 strips

Step 4: Tie the First Knot

Gather the strips at the top and create a loop to tie the knot. Then pull firmly to tighten. It may be helpful to tighten the knot by pulling one strip at a time.

Step 5: Begin Braiding

Separate the strips into 3 sections. This is a super fun part to experiment with color groupings, such as keeping all like colors together or mixing it up. Then braid almost all the way down.

Step 6: Tie the Knot at the End

This step is probably the most difficult. Do the same motions as the first knot, but it will be harder because of the braid. At first it will look like the knots are too close together, but once the knot is done, tighten it while sliding it away from the other knot, and it will space out.

Step 7: Finished!!

Enjoy your braided dog toy!!

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