Introduction: Easy Recycled Crafts : How to Make Ice Cream Sticks Handmade Jewellery Box

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Hello my lovely friends on Instructables! This time let us refresh some childhood memories and once more make an effort of making an Easy Recycled Crafts and learn how to make an Ice Cream Sticks Handmade Jewellery Box. Have'nt we made Popsicle sticks crafts in our school projects. Making best out of waste crafts is one of the most amazing of feelings because you create easy and pretty crafts from limited resources.

Every crafter has a special place always for ice cream stick box and who knew that with a dash of creativity and imagination you can make a pretty and sparkly Handmade Jewellery Box using Ice Cream Sticks. Aren't such DIY Home Craft Projects so much fun?

Step 1: Material Required.

When it comes to gathering craft supplies for the Ice Cream Sticks Handmade Jewellery Box, here is a compiled list of all that you need.


Ice Cream Sticks

Craft Glue




Glue Gun

Decorative string


Decorative stones



Paint brush

Step 2: Make Stencils.

To begin making the Recycled Craft of making DIY Ice Cream Sticks Handmade Jewellery Box, make stencils in the dimensions as shown and cut the cardboard accordingly.

Step 3: Paste the Sticks

Once you have the cardboard in the given sizes, ready with you, paste the ice cream sticks on them.

Cut the ice cream sticks according to the shape and size of the cardboard.

Step 4: Make the Box!

Once the cardboard flaps are ready with the Ice Cream sticks, join them with each other with a glue gun to form a box.

Watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make the Ice cream stick Box.

Step 5: Add Color!

Once the box is made with the ice cream sticks is ready, paint some color on it with a brush.

Step 6: Decorate Your Ice Creams Sticks Box.

Now all you have to do is stick on some decorative stones in a designer pattern of your choice.

Paste a stud on the front flap and add a loop made with a decorative string.

Cover the knot of the string with a floral decoration in the form of a rose.

Step 7: Your Amazing DIY Ice Cream Stick Handmade Jewellery Box Is Ready!

In just a few minutes and hardly a few steps, you have such an amazing craft ready in front of you. This Ice Cream Sticks Box Handmade Jewellery Box is something that you just cannot miss out on making. Popsicle sticks crafts are always a great craft supply if you wish to make handy crafts like this Ice Cream Sticks Storage Box. Doesn't it sound like a fantastic DIY Recycled Crafts project?

So the next time when your heart wishes to do something creative watch the step by step tutorial on how to make an Ice Cream Stick handmade Jewellery Box.