Introduction: Easy Recycled Glass Jar Soap Dispensers

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Odds are if you look in your pantry or fridge right now you have something stored in a glass jar with a metal lid. Salsas, jellies, olives, sauces, and more come in solid glass jars that can easily be reused for all sorts of storage purposes!
I've been washing out my favorite salsa jars and storing them knowing I would eventually come up with some ways to repurpose them. Here is one of my ideas, if you come up with something different let me know in the comments!

Glass Jar with metal lid
Hot glue
plunger from empty soap dispenser
paint (optional)

Step 1: Prep the Glass Jar and Lid

1) Rinse the inside of the jar and lid with warm soapy water

2) Peel label off. My brand has a label that peels of very easy but leaves a sticky film that is difficult to remove.

3) Soak the jar with the sticky film in warm soapy water and then use a metal scrubber to scrub the film off. I used a metal brush used for cleaning the grill and managed to cut my finger in the process. No pain, no gain I suppose.

4) Let everything dry and paint the lid if desired. I paint my lid because my salsa jars all have the brand printed. Local salsa makers tend to have more generic bottles with plain lids making painting the lid unnecessary.

Step 2: Add the Plunger

1) Take the plunger from an empty (or full, it's your soap) soap bottle and measure the diameter of the base.

2) Draw an X on the center of the lid with the two lines slightly shorter than the length of the diameter of the plunger base..

3) Take scissors and cut out the X on your lid. Once cut bend the triangles towards the underside of the lid.

4) Place your plunger into the lid and hot glue it in place beneath the lid. Let it dry and then add a small ring of glue around the base of the plunger on the top of the lid.

Step 3: Add Soap and Enjoy

Once everything has dried take it for a test squirt by filling the jar with water. If it looks good fill up with soap and enjoy your new soap jar!