Easy Removable Window Art

Introduction: Easy Removable Window Art

This is a good rainy day project. I did this to our front windows in the dead of winter it defiantly added some cheer. I would say this could also be a fun kids project. It still lets plenty of light in for my plants yet people outside can't just peer into my house. And the view from the street is beautiful, much better than the drab inside curtain view. I prefer the repeating patterns like the herringbone one I used here. Inspiration could also be taken from coloring books and stained glass designs. You can also cut out snowflakes from the paper and layer them. Yes this has so much potential, just go wild!

Step 1: Gather Materials

  • tissue paper
  • school glue or mod podge
  • clean window
  • scissors (hairdressers works well)
  • markers pen or pencil
  • foam brush or other brush
  • wet washcloth
  • optional items like decorative tape, shapes to trace, window cleaner, paper towels, etc...

Step 2: Clean Windows

Just remember to let them fully dry before starting. Also you only need to clean the inside if you wish. I haven't noticed any problems using different cleaners.

Step 3: Trace and Cut

Here you will notice that I sandwich the tissue paper between some scrap regular paper, this makes it much easier to cut out the pieces; since tissue paper is so thin, its sometimes harder to cut if you're scissors aren't crazy sharp. Also this helps if you don't want lines on your paper or marker bleed through. Depending on size and shape you may want to clip them together like I did.

Step 4: Wet Your Windows

If you don't have Mod Podge no biggie, dilute regular school glue with water. Theres no measuring here just some glue and some water, enough glue that it leaves a film across the glass. you will get drips but don't worry just spread it out. Don't worry about being perfect, just don't completely slop it on and you should be fine. Remember it dries clear.

Step 5: Stick Em Up

Line up an edge and away you go. Be careful not to pull and rip them. Remember to brush the glue in between sheets and also over the top. You want it to be damp to wet but not dripping.

Step 6: Add More and More

Keep adding different colors or shapes or both. With this particular pattern I like to flip some upside-down. Theres no rules just go and have fun. Small imperfections can easily be covered. And the more you add the less you will notice them.

Step 7: Some More Examples

This did when It was very cold out, Im pretty sure the glue froze. This did cause it to curl up a bit on the edges. Is an easy fix just add more glue over the top and smooth it out.

Step 8: Washes Off.

Mod Podge may be a little harder, but warm water will take both glues off. I usually use dishwater whatever. Note be careful that the dyes in the paper don't run down your windows and off onto other things like walls. I have had this happen and it did come off easily I used a magic eraser but I'm sure that was overkill.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    Fun idea! I love that it's easy to remove :)