Introduction: Easy Ring Made From Solder

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Here's an easy ring made for solder wire that requires only basic tools to make and is less time consuming than working with harder metals. It has a rustic kind of look to it that is very cool and looks nice. This is my first instructable so I hope it is clear enough and please leave feedback on what I could do better in the comments! Let's get started! :D

Step 1: Materials

Ok, so you need pliers (clipping ones and a needlenose are fine), a hammer, a ruler, and soldering wire*. Some are optional like the chisel and polish. The chisel can be substituted for something hard to hammer on, like an anvil. And the sandpaper could be substituted with steel wool or a file. Also, the polish is just to give the ring a nice shine and finish to it, yet it is up to you whether to use it or not.

Step 2: Cutting the Wire

First things first, measure off 4 inches of wire and cut it with your pliers.

Step 3: Hammer Time!

Ok, so now comes the tedious part. You want to hammer the wire so that it is flat but make sure to keep it straight because it will bend like in picture 8. The width of the band of the ring will get all hammered around all unevenly so just lightly tap the edges of the band to even them out. If you hammer out the wire on an anvil or chisel, the side laying on the hard object will be the outside side of the ring. Try not to hammer on both sides of the wire/band. 

Step 4: Sanding and Pre-Finishing

After you flatten the wire out to your liking, begin to sand the edges. However if they are already smooth there is no need to roughen it up again. You may want to sand the sharp edges by sanding in a sweeping motion like sharpening a knife. That will make the edges semi round. After you sand it out, give it a polishing, or you can leave it how it looks if you want a rustic look. This isn't the final polishing though so don't get too into it.

Step 5: Shaping the Ring

Now you're on the homestretch to a finished ring! All you need to do is wrap the ring around your finger and fine tune a circle shape with pliers. After you get a nice size, just cut off the remainder. Make sure when you use the pliers, you use a cloth because the plier's grabber things have tiny teeth-like grips that may scratch your ring.

Step 6: Final Polishing and Done!

Hooray! You finished! If the ring got duller from all the bending and grabbing, you can repolish it. There will be some extra ring band left over so you can make another ring if you like. Other than that, you are done. Please vote for my instructable for the jewelry contest! Thank you!

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