Introduction: Easy Rope Basket!

This is an easy way to use some rope that you may have laying around in your home and have no use for.

You can use this basket to store:



-Knitting Supplies

-School Supplies

-You Name It!

You can even use more or less rope depending on how big you want the basket to be!


As always, be careful when handling the razor and hot glue gun, you don't want an unexpected accident to happen!

(This is my first time writing an instructable to please excuse the mistakes here and there)

-Thank You & ENJOY!


For this craft you will need:

1. Rope (Any Color You Like)

2. Hot Glue Gun & Extra Glue Sticks Just In Case

3. A Piece of Cardboard

4. A Razor

5. Something to Help You Draw a Circle

Step 1: The Base for the Basket

You will grab the tip of the rope and start to make a spiral,

When you have done that to your desired size (In the example the circle is 8 inches in diameter), get the cardboard and cut a circle the same size as the one you made from the rope.

You will then get the hot glue gun and spread the glue over the spiral, after that, you will place the cut cardboard on top of the spiral and apply a bit of pressure. Let the glue dry for about 5 minutes and flip it over so that the cardboard is face down.

Step 2: Walls for the Basket!

You will now take the rope and wrap it around the outside of the base like you see in the picture -

Apply hot glue to the top of the rope as you go in order to make it sturdier and making it harder for it to fall over.

Continue doing this as long as you wish!

When you are done it should look something like the second image.

Step 3: Finally, Enjoy!

If you followed these easy steps, you will now have a new basket to store things in!

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