Introduction: Easy Sacher Mini Cake

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When it is winter we all know there is something we could never say no to: chocolate!

This little cake is my confort food. Very easy and fairly quick to made!

It will keep you company during the long winter afternoons! :)

You could use the same dose to make a big cake or, as in my case a little cake (15 cm) and a batch of chocolate muffins. I like muffins as they are so portable!



300 g SUGAR


150 ml WATER

260 g FLOUR 00




1 pinch of SALT

250 g CHOCOLATE (mixing milk and dark is better)

Apricot Jam (facoltative)

Step 1: Easy Sacher Mini Cake

Step 2: Mixing All Liquid Ingredients

1) Wisk eggs and sugar until omogeneous and foamy.

2) Add oil, water and vanilla estract and keep wisking to obtain a velvety solution.

Step 3: Adding All Dry Ingredients

3) Sift the flour and add it to the mixture a little by little. Avoid dumps, keep wisking.

4) Add baking powder and cocoa powder and wisk again.

Step 4: Melting the Chocolate

5) In the meantime melt the chocolate using a microwave or simpy on the hob at bain-marie (double soucepan where the chocolate sits in the smaller soucepan, placed on top of a bigger one, filled with water).

Be careful, you don t want your chocolate to burn, only to melt.

To create a super-shiny look add a spoon of butter.

6) Add 1/2 of the melted chocolate into the mixture and keep the other half for decoration.

Step 5: Cooking Time

7) Pour the mixture in a regular cake mould (26-28 cm diameter).

I have used a smaller mould (15 cm) to have a smaller cake using half of the mixture. The other half misture it was used to fill 12 muffin cups.

8) Put inside a pre-heated oven and cook at 180 degrees C.

- 40 min the bigger cake

- 30 min the smaller cake

- 20 min the muffis

Step 6: Filling and Pouring Chocolate

9) Once perfectly cook trhough, leave the cake to cool down.

Then cut it in half using a piece of dental flos (ora knife if you are feeling brave).

Be sure the cake is cool otherwise you will end up in crumbles.

10) Fill the cake with a layer of apricot jam. If you made muffin or you don t like apricot jam you could skip this stage.

11) Cover the top with the remaining melted chocolate. Probably you will have to remelted it as it could have hardened in the meantime.

12) Leave the layer of chocolate to harden/ cool down then you can enjoy this tasty and indulgent treat with a warm cup of tea!


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