Introduction: Easy Setup for Hammock

I always wanted a hammock in my garden but never got to it. So one day I went to the local store and bought a 30 euros hammock. It did not come with ropes or attachments for any stand or tries.

With some rope and carabiners I will set up the hammock between two trees in my garden.

Step 1: What You Need

- 1 hammock
- 4 carabiners (also possible with 2)
- polyethylene rope

Step 2: Bowline Knot

Cut the rope in two pieces long enough to get around the trees, to your hammock and some extra.

I will be using Bowline knots (4 times) for this build.

1. Take the rope and lay it out as shown in picture 1
2. Make a loop in the left string (make sure the short piece in on top)
3. Put the end through the loop as shown in picture 3 (from the bottom to the top)
4. Go around the long string
5. Go back through the loop from the top
6. Pull the ends to tie the knot
7. Put a carabiner in the loop

Step 3: Tree Attachments

Take the ropes with the carabiners and place them where you want in the trees. Put the other end or the rope through the carabiner to secure the loop around the tree. For this step you don't have to use carabiners, just simply put the rope through the bowline knot instead of the carabiners. I use carabiners to make it easy to put everything away.

When you secured the ropes around the trees you can make new bowline knots in the long end of the rope. We will attach the hammock with carabiners to them.

Step 4: Hammock

I place carabiners at the ends of the hammock and secure them in the bowline knots.

Now you can fine tune your hammock. Place the bowline knots higher or lower until you get your desirable hight and feel.

Step 5: Clean Up

You can clean up the excessive rope with a scissor or knife. I am using polyethylene rope which makes it possible to heat up the ends of the rope to have a nice end that won't unravel.

Happy building!

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