Easy Sewing Rob Roy Sporran for Beginner




Introduction: Easy Sewing Rob Roy Sporran for Beginner

Why do I sew a sporran?

In october 2017 friends of us got married and Manuela had the idea for a bet with the groom. If the groom‘s brother shows up in a yellow kilt at the wedding-eve party the groom has to wear a blue one for the whole time. To explain the colors, both brothers are huge fans of the biggest rival clubs of German soccer. BvB and Schalke 04! In order to win the bet Manuela made them the outfit in the colors of their clubs.

Manuela made these beautiful four kilts, great job and I really love mine! The one thing I missed for a long time was a sporran which suits my kilt. Doing demonstration in woodturning at the Bremen Highland Games I thought that this is my chance to wear it in public!


soft Leather app. 80x30 cm I used reclaimed Leather from an old jacket.
cord to close the sporran
button of some kind (I turned mine on my lathe)

Tools needed:
scissors sewing machine or just a needle
yarn the color of the leather
chalk or something to mark the leather
Double sided tape
5mm punch

Step 1: Find the Material of Your Choice and Start to Reclaim

While sorting through my wardrobe I stumbled across an old leather jacket and decided to make something new from it.
After having the single pieces of the jacket it was time to sort the remains. In the end only the leather was usable for future projects.

Step 2: Cut the Needed Pieces

Print the pattern, from the downloadable instructions. For reference: each square should be 1 cm x 1 cm.

You‘ll have to find pieces where you don't have too much waist. You need the front and back 2 times, one flap and belt loop, a reinforcement piece for the front and a gusset about 5 cm wide which is long enough to follow the arch of the front and back of your sporran, in this case about 80 cm.

Step 3: Preparing the Front and Back With the Reinforcement Piece and the Belt Slots.

The front and back need some additional pieces.

First I sewed the reinforcement piece to the inside of the front piece, and punched the needed hols using the pattern to locate the positions.

After I found the position of the belt slots I punched a hole at the top and bottom of each slot. Next I linked the two holes of each slot by cutting away the leather between the holes leaving two 5 mm wide slots.
Sewing leather is some kind of fighting it to stay in position. I don‘t have special glue so I used dobble stick tape to fix the belt loop to the back piece of my sporran.

Step 4: Final Sewing of the Pouch

Now it's time to sew the gusset to the front and back pieces.
Place the leather facing the outside in and follow careful the outer line staying close to the edge.
After you did this you turn the inside out and your sporran is almost done.

Step 5: Punch the Holes on the Top Rim of Your Pouch and Insert the Two Cords.

Punch 16 holes equally spaced around the top of your pouch. You add the cord here which closes the pouch.

Take care not to punch through the seems.

Insert a shorter cord in the 4 holes of the front of your pouch. This cord will hold down the top.

Step 6: Find a Button and Attach It to the Top

To hold the top I turned a button on my lathe.
You might also use a pice of antler which gives it a more rustic look.

Step 7: Finished

Enjoy the video I made.

Step 8: Instructions

Here you'll get free instructions how I made my sporran.

EN=English version

DE=Deutsche Version

Please be patient with my writing as English isn't my native language.

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    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    3 years ago

    Neat. Thank you for sharing (and great re-cycling of the source leather).
    Also:- I love the shirt in the photograph: can you do an 'Ible for that too :-)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks Alex.
    Unfortunately I am a total newbee when it comes to sewing. The shirt and kilt was made by Manuela and we bought the pattern for the shirt. I guess it'll be some kind of copyright infringement if I'd post this.
    Sorry, it'll take a while until I can do shirts like that, the Sporran was actually my second project using the sewing machine :-)
    Greetings from Good Old Germany