Introduction: Easy Skate Ledge

Here’s how to make a small curb like ledge that only costed me 70 bucks to make but would probably cost 60-50 dollars to make if you don’t buy extra stuff or have some of the stuff already because I bought an extra tube of loctite and bought a box of 4 inch wood screws but you might have those for whatever reason. If you buy the wood at Home Depot they’ll cut it for you for free and definitely do that but some of the workers who do it are diaper pant piss boys who get mad about it but ignore them


4 inch 2x4 4 cuts
6 feet of 2x6 2 cuts
6 feet of 2x4 1 cut
6 feet of angle iron 2x1/8 2 cuts
4 inch long countersunk wood screws
1 container of Loctite 375

Tools -
Caulk gun

Step 1: Step 1 : Making Bottom Half

Drill 2x6s onto 2x4x4s placing a 2x4 at both ends of the 2x6 and place another 18 inches from the ends or however you wanna space them as you drill them put 1 screw in both sides of the 2x4 on one side put a screw on the bottom and one screw on the top this is important for the next step

Tip - get as flat of boards as you can and check if it rocks as you drill it use a level to get it as flat down to the ground as you can, I used 6 2x4x4s but you really don’t need that many

Step 2: Finishing Curb Part

After drilling in 2x4s loosen the screws on one side and put in 2x4x6 in the middle section and drill in a screw on top side opposite of the high screw in the 2x4x4 on the side you can kinda see what I mean in the photo where the screws are, I took the photo after I finished that’s why there are rails

Step 3: Finishing Ledge

Apply loctite on corners of ledge and put rail on and clamp sides and apply weight to the top and leave it alone for 2 days, you can skate it after a day but wouldn’t recommend it. I used cots, weights, a drill box, paint buckets and a bunch of skateboards but you can really use anything as long as it’s a little heavy

Step 4: Step 4

Wax it and skate it! Draw all over it if you want to do whatever you want to decorate it if you want it’s your ledge, don’t wax it too much though, three swipes will work for a while mine is super buttery. If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer as best as I can and show me if you made it, this is my first instructable and it would be cool if I saw people made it