Easy Sneetch Costume for Dr. Seuss Day or Halloween

Introduction: Easy Sneetch Costume for Dr. Seuss Day or Halloween

Sneetches are well known, beloved Dr. Seuss characters. I wanted a simple costume that I could make quickly and inexpensively. It's likely you do too! Simple means no sewing- just cut and wear. If you agree, please vote.

Basic Supplies

Yellow T-shirt ($5) (at least one size too large)

White craft fur 2" x 30" ($3) like here

Green felt square (buy an extra?) (25 cents)

Safety pins

Head Option A- Hard Hat

Yellow hard hat like here

Large Googly Eyes ($2)

Pipe Cleaner or Chenille Stems like here

Optional: Feathers ($2) like here

Head Option B- Plastic Head Band


Pipe cleaner or Chenille Stems

Optional: Feathers ($2)

Step 1: Add Collar to Shirt

Sneetch pictures show a creature with a long neck. Near the shoulder, there is a tuft of white fur.

Safety pin the craft fur to the shirt. It is probably best to alternate the pins horizontally and vertically. It's important to place the white fur above the collar line for a clean look. Note: Craft fur does NOT stretch, so be sure to allow enough space for the wearer to slide their head through; this is partially why a larger shirt is helpful.

Step 2: Add Star to Belly

Star Belly Sneetch stars aren't perfectly symmetrical. Yours don't have to be either. The green felt is likely to be the cheapest part of the outfit, so having an extra to experiment with is a good idea.

You can make a star in a single cut if you fold it right. (Betsy Ross was familiar with this technique and somehow knew that one day seamstress might have to make more than 13 stars.) Search "star in one cut". It is worth practicing with paper.

Safety pin on each corner from underneath.

Step 3: Optional A- Helmet Head Sneetch Hair

If you dress in yellow, with a green star on your belly and white around your shoulders, your audience is going to know who you are. This optional step offers more details. Sneetches generally have 3-5 fuzzy hairs on their head pointing expressively up.

The "boy" way uses a hard hat helmet, and is option A. The "girl" way, easier, uses a head band- see the next step.


Glue large googly eyes to front of hard hat. Can also use wall hanging putty. Tape will do in a pinch.

Make a hole on top for 3-5 chenille stems/ pipe cleaners to stick out. Push through at varying lengths, leaving enough inside the hat to tape securely. Twist together once for upward stability. Bend in expressive shapes.

Super Optional- attach feathers to stems for a more organic look. I think that plain is just as good, so save the effort.

Bonus- glue eyes on the back of the helmet. Then your backside can be the plain belly Sneetch.

Step 4: Optional B- Hairband Sneetch Hair

Option B (Quicker and Easier)

Twist Stems around hairband at slightly varying lengths.

Optional- Glue feathers on (Hot glue recommended) In the headband case, I prefer the feather look to distinguish it from the hair of the actual person. It also makes the neck look longer.

Step 5: Wear With Snoot in the Air = Attitude and Accessorize

If you're going all out, by all means get yellow pants. Otherwise, gray sweats or blue jeans are natural looking. If it is warm where you are, wear shorts and "Be the best Sneetches on beaches."

Yellow fingernail polish with green stars is easy, but time consuming. A white cotton work glove is quicker.

Marshmallows on a stick can also make a nice prop. (Hot dogs too messy.)

A red ball with stars is too much work... But a fun prop if you go as a group.

If you knows a link to a quick and easy Sylvester McMonkey McBean, or an easy star on/ star off machine please post it in the comments.

So get started! You can finish making in less time than it took to read about it.

Enjoy, post your pictures, and vote.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great Sneetch costume. So simple and easy! Thanks for sharing this.