Introduction: Easy Solution for a 56 Inch Altura Hampton Bay Remote Problem

If your fan matches my model and your remote no longer controls the unit, you won't find the fix online. I'm here to save you some trouble.

Step 1: Symptom: Fan Doesn't Respond to Remote

Wife pointed out to me yesterday that the fan/light I installed 6 months ago would no longer function via remote. It is a Home Depot Altura 56" model. Figured out the fix after a few hours, maybe I can save someone else the hassle.

Step 2: Issue

Remote lights up when pressed, but fan doesn't respond. Confirmed fan getting proper voltage and wiring correct via full uninstallation.

Step 3: Suspicion

Online searching will convince you the receiver is bad and needs to be replaced. I'm too stubborn for that, plus reports of awful customer service sent me on the mission to avoid that call.

Step 4: Fix

There are no dip switches in the fan receiver (trust me, I looked everywhere) to align with the remote. This fan has a learning setting that pairs to the remote regardless of the dip switch settings.

To Re-Pair the remote, cut power to the fan. Once restored, within 20 seconds, press and hold the power button on the remote to complete the pairing process.

Step 5: Success

If successful, you will hear a clicking sound and the fan will now once again respond to the remote. Proceed to reattach all the fan blades, light bulbs, and curse Hampton Bay for putting you through this with no online documentation of this process outside an installation YouTube video. Thanks YouTube install guy for saving me a call to Hampton Bay for a replacement receiver!

I hope you get off easier than I did having fully uninstalled and dismantled this entire fan before finding this trick!!