Introduction: Easy Sorbet

Here is a easy sorbet recipe and project...all you'll need are two ziplock plastic bags, ice and salt.

Step 1: Gather Your Hardware

1-Gallon Size Ziplock Bag

1-Quart Size Ziplock Bag

Measuring Cups

1 Cup

1/2 Cup

2 Cup liquid measure

Step 2: Your Software

Fruit Juice or Nectar drink (High Sugar Content)

Salt (Table salt or Ice Cream/ Rock Salt)



Step 3: Putting It Together

Add one (1) Cup of your Juice or Nectar to the quart sized bag and seal

Step 4:

Add One(1) Cup of Salt and Two (2) Cups of Ice along with I cup of Water to Gallon Sized Bag.

Step 5:

Place smaller bag inside larger bag

Add one (1) more cup of ice

Seal larger bag

Step 6: Mix

Roll, Knead, Shake, Tumble, Kick, Spin...whaterver to get the bags moving.

Do this for about 5 mins.

(We ended up using an empty Double Bubble Tub, and rolled the bags around inside it.)

Step 7: After a While...

After a while the Juice/ Nectar has soft frozen.

You can mix it longer for a more frozen Sorbet.

Step 8: Serve, Enjoy

Serve and enjoy.

Why This works?

The salt adds impurities to the water, thus lowering its freezing point. Energy is absorbed by the the Sorbet as the ice melts into water; the melting ice cant release this energy, so the sorbet gets colder as the ice melt.

Why we used a Nectar Drink?

I has more sugar than regular juice, the Guava Nectar has 41 grams of it. Why should that make a difference?

Pure water molecules freeze at 32F/ 0C, in neat little rows called crystals, Sugar interrupts these rows by getting between the water molecules. However some of the water molecules do freeze, but leave behind a heavy sugary syrup, as they continue to freeze there is a heavier and heavier concentration of sugar that lowers the freezing point. As this process goes on the freezing temperature lowers and the mixture in essence gives up, partially frozen mostly heavy sugary syrup. Scoopable cold and sweeter.

Gee Whiz thanks Mr. Wizard.