Introduction: Easy Southern BBQ

Alright y'all, down here in the south, when folks say BBQ, they are talkin' about what's called pulled pork. It's almost as common as sweet tea. Matter of fact, you should probably have some sweet tea while you're eatin' it. It's great for family gatherings, tailgating, and even fund-raisers. This is a very easy way to make it. So grab a big ole glass of sweet tea, and let's get started.

Step 1: Grab a Big Juicy Butt

No not THAT kind of butt! A big old Boston butt roast. But it's just fun to say grab a big butt. Anyway, you need the butt (heehee) and some good ole BBQ sauce, a little salt and pepper, some buns, and a crock pot. That's it.

Step 2: What a Crock

Plug in your crock pot. For some reason, this won't work if its not plugged in. Found that out the hard way. Unwrap your butt (heehee) and carefully set it in the crock pot. Salt and pepper it, then put on the lid. Set it to cook on the slowest setting for at least 10 hours.

Step 3: While You Wait

Since you have 10 hours to kill, you can sleep, practice walking upside down and backwards, learn hip-hop dancing, go fishing, look up cute cat pictures online, etc......

Step 4: Time to Chop

Drain off the grease, being careful not to lose your butt. I put a strainer in the sink to catch the pork just in case I lose my butt (heehee). Remove the bone. It should slide out very easily. Then, take out all your aggression on the pork. Chop it up into small pieces. I use this awesome mix and chopper, but you can use a thick spatula, or a potato masher. Just as long as you get it chopped up real good. You may want to drain it all again at this point. Then put it back in the crock pot.

Step 5: Get Saucy

There are so many varieties of BBQ sauce. Pick your favorite or make your own if you want and pour it in. Use as much or as little as you want to get the flavor you want. Mix it in really good, and you have real tasty, tangy, and super easy Southern BBQ.

Step 6: Eat It Y'all!

Time to eat folks. Eat it by itself, or make a big ole BBQ sandwich. Down here, a lot of folks slap it on a bun, top it with some crunchy cole slaw, and dig in. So, grab a pile of napkins, a glass of sweet tea, and eat up y'all!

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