Introduction: Easy String Art

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String art is both exceedingly fun and easy. Good for crafters of all ages above 4-5. Try it out and you'll like to do another!

Materials and Tools needed:

1. Art template printed on paper

2. Palette wood of considerable size and thickness (thicker than your nails)

3. Hammer and nails

4. Different coloured threads, yarn and strings

5. Scissors

Step 1: Choose Your Art Template

Your string art can be any you want. Start off with something simple, and try out complicated ones. The internet has many templates ready with lines indicating paths for strings to loop.

Step 2: Hammering

- Place the template on your palette wood

- Hammer nails to each point or edges of your picture

- Hammer the insides first for your convenience

- Nails only need to be sturdy (non-shaky). There is no need for nails to be hammered all the way in

- You may sturdy the nail with your other hand. Some accidental hits will happen, but bear with it!

Step 3: Winding Threads

- Pick your coloured thread and the first nail

- Tie two overhand knots on the first nail

- Proceed to wind your thread over each nail.

- Make sure you loop the thread around each nail

- When you reach the last nail, tie another two overhand knots and cut off the remaining thread

* You can choose to tear out the paper before or after the winding of threads. If it's before, you risk forgetting what the original shape looks like; if after, papers may get stuck and tearing becomes less convenient.

Step 4: Layering (optional)

- You can have several layers of different coloured threads

- You can change the colour of threads midway for a nice colour blend

- Just do as you wish and see how it turns out!