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Have you been wearing a ponytail all summer? Why not try out this cute updo, it's really easy to recreate and you can wear it any time of the year. Whether you wear it to the beach or to the mall, you won't have to worry about your hair being in your face this summer and it's so much cuter than a ponytail!

Step 1:

Start off by combing all your hair backwards with your hands.

Step 2:

Grab a section of hair from the front of your face right above the ears to top of your head, make sure the section of hair sits high on your head as shown in the picture. We will refer to this section of hair as the "original piece of hair".

Step 3:

Holding on to the "original piece of hair," grab two more sections like you would in a normal braid or french braid. In other words grab a section from the right side and grab a section from the left side, but remember to keep all three sections of hair separate.

Step 4:

Start to braid. Grab the right section of hair and move it over the middle section of hair (the "original piece of hair) now the right section should be in the middle, and the "original piece of hair" is on the right side. Do the same with the left section of hair by moving it over the middle section like a normal braid.

Step 5:

Now its time to braid the right side again, but now you have the "original piece of hair" which should be the chunkiest piece. Braid that section as normal without adding any hair, this hairstyle requires you to french braid but whenever you get to the "original piece of hair" do not add more hair; just add that in like a normal braid.

Step 6:

Now braid the left side, since this is not the "original piece of hair" french braid that part by grabbing more hair (as shown in the second picture).

Now back to the right side; continue to french braid your hair but remember whenever you get to the chunkiest section of hair ("original piece of hair") do not add more hair, just braid that like a normal braid not a french braid.

Step 7:

Stop braiding when you reach right below your ears. Take a small elastic band and tie your hair into a pony tail.

Step 8:

Now take a bigger hair tie and create a bun with your pony tail.

Start by twisting the pony tail and wrapping it in a circle like a normal bun. When you have a tiny piece of hair left, tuck it under the bun and pull it through the center as if you were tying a knot. (This is optional. You can just do a regular bun, I just find when I "knot" the bun my hair holds better.)

Tie the bun like shown, I wrap the hair tie twice.

Step 9:

Pull on the bun a little bit to loosen it. This is optional, but I think this hair style looks better if the bun is loosened.

Secure the bun to your head with a bobby pin. I put the side of the bobby pin with ridges against my head for a better hold.

Step 10:

Pin any bangs or any hair you don't want in your face back with a bobby pin.

Step 11:

You're done!

This hairstyle is perfect for summer or whenever you just want to wear a cute updo.

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