Introduction: Easy Sunset Painting Lesson

Have you ever looked up into the sky and seen a beautiful sunset with some birds? Well today I am going to show you how to paint this sky.

Afterwards, you can reach out and Touch the Untouchable! Sky, Birds, and Clouds are now within reach!

Now let me make sure you get this straight, I am not a very good painter, and this is not a very hard painting. However, it is still super duper fun, and maybe you will learn a thing or two today. So let's get started! Oh, forgot to mention I am in 6th grade.

Watch a plain white canvas transform into a beautiful sunset.

Yet another DIS Demons Instructable. The talent is never ending at DIS. Enjoy this fun Instructable on how to paint a beautiful sunset.

Step 1: Supplies

Paint colors

  • Red
  • Pink
  • White
  • Blue (light and extra light)
  • Orange
  • Black
  • White
  • Pink

Canvas, Whatever size you want I also used a travel easel for easier painting

Travel easel for easier painting.

Step 2: Tools

Paint Brushes

  • Small
  • Big, I used 5 different brushes for all the different colors
  • Spong (common kitchen sponge will do)


Step 3: Sketching

The first step to create this painting is to sketch some birds out. As always you can put as many birds in as possible, or none at all. It is your painting and your choice. I decided to put just a couple birds on there. I love doing these types of birds because they are so easy to draw and paint. All you do is do a very slim upside down M, or very slim W, but the two lines overlap and create an X. The picture shows what I am talking about. I would also draw it with a black marker after pencil so you can see it faintly after painting the background.

Step 4: Background

After you sketch out your birds, it's time to paint your background. Your background can look totally different than mine or the exact same. I like to say I am giving you a coloring book and you are filling in the picture how you like. Anyways, I chose to do blended stripes of colors.

Step 5: Oops!

Soon after painting these dark colored stripes, I realized that this isn't what I see when I imagine a sunset. After releasing this, I decided to basically start over. However, since I did not want to waste a canvas, I was going to paint over it with white and then start over. But then, after I painted the canvas white, I realized it looked like a sunset now. So moral of the story/step, don't ever give up and throw your canvas at the wall.

Step 6: Clouds

Now you will want to add the clouds. I used a sponge with white paint for a “fluffy” cloud look.

After adding the clouds, color in the birds you sketched out before. I used a small brush with black paint.

Step 7: Sign Your Work

Now that you have added everything you'd like, you want to let everything dry and add your signature. All mine is St2017 or whatever year it it. You can use your name, nickname, last name, or even just the date.

Step 8: Voila! the Birds in the Sunset

Now that you have signed your painting, you are done! This painting is perfect for all ages and genders because it's so customizable, and you totally don't have to be perfect at painting for this project! Oh, I forgot the most important step in this process, have fun!! There's so many ways you can make this painting your own! Happy painting!

Artwork by DIS Demon


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