Introduction: Easy Survival Kit for Almost Any Enviroment

So as everyone knows you can get lost VERY easy so when your outdoors carry this simple and easy survival kit!!!

Step 1: Backpack

In my time on instructables I have almost never seen a survival kit with a backpack. Backpacks are very easy to carry heavy hiking backs probably arent best for this situation. So I use a black school backpack that I have had for awhile black would be easiest because you can attach reflecters on to the pack to be easily seeen by rescuers.

Step 2: Fire Starters

My preferations when it comes to fire starters are matches but that is just me you can carry a lighter. Also you may want to carry a notebook to use the paper as kindling.

Step 3: Comfort If You Need It

I carry a blanket that will cover me and one other person. To carry the blanket I sewed on a carrying bag type thing onto the backpack by my back to hold it and anything I may have found. That is really it for comfort though and if you really need a pillow use your backpack.

Step 4: Weapons and Tools

I carry quite a few things I could use as a weapon. First of I carry my pocket knife with can come in handy for alot of things, second I carry around my small co2 bb gun with two extra co2 cartridges and about a 1000 metal bbs. Also I carry a small swiss army knife which has all the things you could need. Also carry a nice little led flashlight with extra batteries!!

Step 5: Food

When your out in the middle of no where food is scarce so I bring Ramen noodles in my bag also i use foil and ziplocs to cary anything i might have killed or edible plants i have picked. I also carry three water bottles to in the pouches for bottles and one actually in the bag.

Step 6: If You Want To

Also you can carry many things in your pack such as an extra cell phone battery to try to get signal, a mini saw to cut fire wood (you could try to use your pocket knife) a fishing kit with hooks and line in it, rope, a tarp for shelter it depends on if you know how to make shelter out of it I do, also pictures of your family back home, and 80 dollars or whatever amount you think you need! Also these are just things I carry you can make you Kit however you would like! It all depends on you and your skills!