Introduction: Easy Taco Salad

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This salad is always a hit, budget friendly and very DELICIOUS!  Lunch or  Dinner can be done in 20 - 30 minutes and is easy to prepare. Enjoy!

Step 1: Ingredients

The road to yumminess!

-  1 lb ground beef (buy extra lean if it's on sale, so you won't have to drain the meat once it's cooked)
-  1 can of whole pinto beans
-  garlic powder
-  onion powder
-  ground cumin
-  chili powder
-  seasoned salt
-  1 can of El Pato spicy tomato sauce (you can find this in your ethnic food aisle)
-  1 package of prepared salad
-  half a tomato, chopped
-  a handful of cilantro, chopped
-  1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese

Step 2: The Taco Part....

With your skillet at medium high, add your ground beef.  Break it up with a spoonula and stir for even color.  Add equal shakes or two turns of the pan of onion powder, garlic powder, ground cumin, seasoned salt and chili powder.  I don't measure, so I'd say maybe a teaspoon of each if you want to get technical.  You can always taste your meat once it's cooked and decide if you need more flavor.  

Once your beef is browned and drained (if needed), drain the liquid from your canned pinto beans and add to the meat.  Stir. Add your can of El Pato spicy tomato sauce and stir for an even coating.  Lower the heat to keep the mixture warm. 

Step 3: The Salad Part....

Grab a cutting board, your favorite knife and a bowl.  Empty your packaged salad into a bowl. Chop your tomatoes and cilantro, add to the salad.  Add cheese and with tongs, toss the salad together.  

Step 4: The Eating Part...

In a shallow dish, add your salad and top with meat/bean mixture..  You could also top your salad with sour cream and/or jalapeños for added spice.  Chips are the best edible utensil.  Happy Eating!