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Introduction: Easy Tesseract Nightlight

Hello Avengers fans! This is my first ible, and I figured I'd start with an easy one. A VERY easy one. while this is easy to build, it looks pretty professional if done right. Without any further ado... the materials!

Step 1: Materials

So this is a VERY easy DIY tesseract night light/prop/part of an easy Nick fury costume from the Marvel Universe. I used materials I found around my house to make this. These were:

1) An LED tea light

2) a blue sharpie

3) a ziplock bag

4) A clear dry glue stick

5) a 3.5 by 3.5 inch photo cube

6) wax paper

7) scissors

Step 2: Cutting the Wax Paper.

To shape the wax paper for the photo cube I used, I used the cardboard insert that came in it, and used it as a tracing template to make some double layered squares.

Step 3: Making the Blue Inner Light

to make the blue inner light I took my LED tea light, and adhered a layer of the plastic from the ziplock bag to it with my clear dry glue stick. I then colored it blue to create the tesseracty effect.

Step 4: Assembly

to assemble this I simply took the double layer wax paper squares and glued them to the inside of the photo cube, and glued my blue light to the bottom of it. As simple as it sounds, in a darker area it creates a look exactly like the one from Avengers! Enjoy!

P.S.:You can pair this with a black trench coat and an eyepatch for an easy Nick Fury costume!

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