Easy Tip Tinning Technique



Introduction: Easy Tip Tinning Technique

Tinning the tips of braided wires is an important skill. I developed a quick technique to speed it up during a recent project.

I'm using regular solder, a soldering iron, and my work area has one of these silicone mats that are great for soldering projects (as you will see)!

Step 1: Cut Small Piece of Solder

The ruler is there for scale. I usually cut the solder with a little razor blade.

Step 2: Melt the Solder Onto the Wire Tip

Hopefully the animated gif below is done downloading for a little more clarity.

Sometimes mobile devices don't load the animated gif, So tap here to see it instead!

Step 3: Example of the Process

I hope this helps you out as another technique in your tool kit. If you have any other suggestions of clever ways for expediting the tip tinning part of a project, please comment below!

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