Introduction: Easy to Use Chopsticks Trick (less Than 1 Min)

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This trick helps new chopstick users feel confident and get the extra help they need to shovel that tasty food in :)

Step 1: Materials

All you need is a set of chopsticks, a rubber band, and a piece of paper. Any paper should work, as you see I have used a standard sheet of notebook paper.

Great tip, if you happen to have a rubber band with you and decide to eat somewhere they hand out the throw away chopsticks, you can use the paper wrapper they come in and viola - same easy trick :) 

Step 2: Folding

This step is the longest step but still easy.

Just fold the paper until it is about 1"-1.5" wide, then fold the other direction about 1/4"-1/2" or so until you have a thick piece of paper that's about 1/4"-1/2" x 1"-1.5"...or so.

If you are using the wrapper, simply fold the 1/4"-1/2" part.

Step 3: Rubber Band and Done!

Take the folded paper and place it about 1" - 2" from the top of the chopsticks. 

Use the rubber band to hold the paper in place between the sticks. I use a cross pattern so the paper stays put and is square to the sticks.

Once you have done this try pinching the sticks together and see what you think.

You can always adjust where the paper is to make a smaller pinching space or a larger one.

Enjoy watching your kids, or new users, join in on the unique experience of this utensil :)

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