Introduction: Easy Twisted Potatoes

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Potatoes are delicious! But the way to cook them, fried potatoes or French fries for instance, is often too greasy…

It’s a shame because you’ll love to eat more potatoes in the evening at home or prepare them when you invite friends or family. It’s the safer choice for a side dish: everybody loves them!

So, here’s the solution: a nice and easy way to cook healthy potatoes, full of new flavors and with a gourmet look.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

2 potatoes

2 barbecue sticks

20 grams of Parmesan cheese

1 table spoon of smoked paprika

1 coffee spoon of pepper

20 grams of melted butter

Tools: 1 knife and 1 cooking brush

-> Captain’s tip: heat your oven before to 170 °C (340 °F) to finish earlier!

Step 2: Prepare Your Potatoes

Choose one side of your potatoe and put your barbecue stick inside, screw it to the other side.

Step 3: Let’s Twist Your Potatoes!

Your knife must remain motionless. Use your hand to turn the potatoe and cut it as if you draw a spiral.

-> Captain’s tip: the barbecue stick helps you, while cutting, to stop your knife at the very good moment to obtain a perfect spiral at the end.

Step 4: Make the Twist Appear

With one hand at each side, stretch the potato carefully.

Step 5: Make Your Potatoes Welcoming

With the cooking brush, add generously some melted butter on every inch on the potato (even inside the twist).

-> Captain's tip: butter will help the mixture to stick and the potato to have a nice golden color.

Step 6: Marry All Your Flavors

Marry all your flavors: cheese, paprika and pepper for example. Cover the potato with the mixture as if you put a pinch of salt, but this time be very generous !

Step 7: Insert in Your Oven

30 minutes will be necessary to cook your twisted potatoes (170 'C or 340 'F) with a good convection oven (45 minutes otherwise).

When cooked, remove slowly the stick.

Step 8: Then, Let’s Twist Again: Enjoy Them!

You’re free to add other flavors like herbs.

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