Easy Uncluttering of a Jewelry Chest and Earings

Introduction: Easy Uncluttering of a Jewelry Chest and Earings

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Every girl has a jewelry chest and is most of the time cluttered. For a fabulous time and a nice, clean, easy to find jewelry, this is what you need. Fun or even a sleepover idea for a discovery that thought was long lost.


Messy Jewelry chest


Extra boxes (preferably on the fancier side)

An hour or so

Step 1: Emptying the Jewelry Chest

First, to organize your jewelry chest, empty it on your bed or floor. Do the same with earings.

Step 2: Then Start Sorting

If you have more than one box, sort your earrings into two different groups. Hoops and studs. Then sort out your bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

Step 3: Finally

If you have kept your boxes that your earrings have come in, put them away nice and neat. Otherwise, just make sure that you are careful where you put them so they don't roll.

Step 4: And for the Necklaces

Once I got all my things back in the jewelry jest, it looked so much better. On top, are my rings and bracelets I were most often. My second drawer is all of my bracelets that I made and I wear sometimes. My third drawer down is my hair ribbons and stuff to go with them. Finally, my last drawer is the bracelets and jewelry I never wear. Then on the sides are where my necklaces are.

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