Easy Vampirina Kid's Costume Tutorial for Halloween




Introduction: Easy Vampirina Kid's Costume Tutorial for Halloween

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Make this Easy Disney Vampirina fancy dress-up costume with a matching Hair Headband and Skull necklace for Halloween, Bookweek and Dress-up Parties

This costume is a NO SEW design dress, with only some basic sewing skills needed for the headband

I was going to sew a complete Vampirina inspired costume from scratch but to be honest, it's actually so basic in its design, that it is not needed. Plus not all mums have a sewing machine, so let's keep this costume craft easy, budget-friendly and just in time for Halloween. The official Disney Vampirina costume is only made in small children's sizes, so this method is great for all different size children

You can also use this method to create spiderwebs on clothing and the headband for traditional Vampire costumes. The Headband pattern template is FREE to download HERE


FAUX DRESS - Black circle aline skirt ($8 retail chain)

Pink Tshirt ($3 Best & Less)

Black boys under singlet (pack of 3 $5 retail chain)


Silver 3D Puff fabric paint. I used Tulips silver glitter colour

White pencil

Glitter Foam in black

Strong Craft Glue & Pegs

Old Headband

Step 1: Create Your Spiderweb Pattern

  1. Place your blank black singlet and skirt on a flat surface
  2. With a ruler and a white washable sewing pencil, draw a line straight down the centre of your skirt
  3. Find the centre from the side of the skirt to the centre line and mark at the top and bottom. Draw a line diagonal from top to bottom
  4. Repeat on the back of the skirt
  5. Starting at the bottom of the skirt, hand draw curve lines from one straight line to the next
  6. Repeat all the way around the skirt
  7. Work your way up the skirt evenly, each curve will be smaller as you go up
  8. With puff paint, start tracing over your lines. I used a silver glitter colour
  9. The trick to getting 3d puff fabric paint even is to work fast, steady and use the same pressure on the bottle while squeezing.
  10. Let dry and repeat on the back side of the skirt
  11. Repeat the above steps on to the singlet top

For more detailed instructions read the full Tutorial HERE

Step 2: How to Make Your Vampire Headband

  1. Print the A4 template. Download Free HERE
  2. Cut pattern template pieces out of Black glitter foam or thick firm felt
  3. Cut a slit in each side hair panel for the ponytail to slide through

Step 3: Sew Your Hair Vampire Peak Headband Panel

  1. Place hair panels together with correct panels facing together
  2. Hand sew along the curved peak or use a sewing macking if you have one
  3. Trim edge clean with scissorsTurn widow's peak the right way out, to make a nice curved edge

Step 4: Don't Forget Vampirina Ponytails

  1. Slide ponytail pieces into their slots

Step 5: Secure on Headband

  1. Place glue on to your headband
  2. Glue head panel onto headband making sure it is the centre
  3. Use pegs or strong clips to secure to headband while the glue dries
  4. Turn the bottom piece of ponytail that is sticking out the bottom towards the back and up to back of ponytail, Glue when you get even and in the correct place
  5. Clip glued section in place until it dries
  6. Glue pink ribbon around the bottom of the ponytails.

Step 6: Complete Your DIY Project

To complete the look, add a plain pink t-shirt under the singlet and make a Skull Necklace with your offcut pieces of Black Foam or Felt.

You can find the full tutorials on Nowthatspeachy





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    2 years ago

    I love this! Her cuteness makes the costume better!!


    2 years ago

    Great costume! Simple, cute and fun. Nice work, thanks for sharing!