Introduction: Easy Vegan Cabbage and "brats"

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This is my first instructable--have mercy! (Only say it like John Stamos on Full House, so it is both true AND amusing)

When my husband and I were vegans (strict vegetarians), we were the worst kind: Lazy. The problem with being a lazy vegan is that instead of getting a lot of awesome food like, say vegetables, instead you get not-so-good for you food, like potato chips. This was one of the first easy vegetable-y meals I made as we tried to get our butts in gear. It is good enough that we eat it still, even though we eat meat.

Start with an empty stock pot. Fill it with 1-2 inches of lightly salted water.

Step 1: In the Beginning.

Start with an empty stock pot. Fill it with 1-2 inches of lightly salted water.

Step 2: Prep Work.

This part is fun. Peel your cabbage's outer most layers. Then take a chef's knife and hack away as much as you can without getting yourself cut in the process or getting too much core.

Slice the cabbage into slightly larger than reasonable bites because I believe good food should be just a bit sloppy. Don't let your cat help you, like I did, because that is probably considered unsanitary.

While you are cutting, also peel and slice an onion in half. Then slice each half into very-thin slices. Keep them halved--you will stew half and use the other half later.

Step 3: Boiling the Cabbage.

Throw the cabbage and 1/2 the onion into your stock pot. Place a lid on it. Bring it to a simmer. Cook that delicious feet-smelling cabbage for 35-40 minutes. While it is simmering/steaming, do the next steps:

Slice some "sausage." We use tofurkey beer brats. Sometimes I use real brats or turkey brats, but this is a nice way to cook something for your vegan friends without having spaghetti every freakin' meal. If you don't want to use any processed meat or meat substitute, you can cube a potato and throw it in with the cabbage. Add some light beer towards the end of the cooking time for flavor. Awww, yeah.

Slice your brats. Heat some oil in a saute pan or wok--I like medium high heat so I can get some seared edges and caramelized onion.

Throw the remainder of your onion and the sliced "meat" into the pan and saute.

Step 4: Delicious.

When your "meat" is cooked through and the onions soft and brown, you are ready to assemble. Put your cabbage at the base of a bowl. You can use a slotted spoon if you don't want too much liquid. Put some of the onion/meat mixture on top. You can then spice it if you'd like, using: siracha, red chili pepper flakes, some of the beer you are already drinking, or my personal favorite, raw apple cider vinegar.

So, here's the deal: Is this super healthy? No. Whoever told you all vegan food was healthy was lying. But this is delicious and an easy way to get 2+serving of vegetables, depending on whether you shove tons of food into your face like me. It is also a nice comfort-food option for entertaining. And it is inexpensive and easy, making it budget and sanity friendly.

(warning, clean your pot soon and don't leave your cabbage out overnight unless you want to upset roommates or neighbors with old-foot smell)