Introduction: Easy Verdigris Patina on Bronze

I made some bronze and aluminum pieces in a foundry and I really wanted to give some of them a little more personality. This is how I made an easy verdigris on bronze.

You will need:


- Nitril gloves

- Face cleaning pad

- Acetone

- 1" paintbrush

- 2k technologies verdigris green (for this particular project)

- Rotating tool with a metal brush

Step 1: Clean Your Piece With Acetone

Use some gloves to work with chemicals. I like to use a face cleaning pad with some acetone to remove all the possible grease from our hands that we can transfer by touching our piece.

Step 2: Time to Make the Treatment

The verdigris product from 2k tech can be applied generously on the scultpture with a regular 1" paintbrush (be careful to get the correct product depending on the metal you are using) and let dry. The colors will start to pop just as it dries up.

Step 3: Polish and Finish

In order to give it a more natural ageing process, you probably want to use a rotating tool with a metal brush to give more character to your sculpture. If you thing you removed too much you can apply some more 2k chemicals and wait for it to dry completly before sanding or brushing again.

I hope you will have as much fun as I did.