Introduction: DIY Geometric Wall Art

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Make your wall a masterpiece with your own art! This instructable shows you how to make an easy and cheap wall art. The idea of making this wall art suddenly popped into my head!

Step 1: Materials Needed

You will need:

To make the wall art-
1) Colorful craft papers,
2) Scissor,
3) Glue,

To frame the wall art-
1) Hardboard or plywood
2) wooden pieces for 4 sides of the frame,
3) wood glue,
4) clear polythene sheets,
5) Hammer,
6) Small nails,
7) Hanging mechanism.

Step 2: Stretched Triangles!

For this wall art you'll need to cut lots of stretched triangles.

I used colorful craft papers to make the triangles.

Cut as many as you can!

Step 3: Preparing the Background

Take a piece of art paper. Measure and cut according to your choice.

Use art paper for the background.

Use pencil and ruler to draw a thin border around the sides of the background.

When you'll be done you can easily erase the border.

Step 4: Glue the Triangles

It's soooo easy and fun!

Simply apply glue on the back of the triangles, stick them on the background and try to create a nice pattern.

To make your wall art look more attractive, you can also use different colors for the background.

Step 5: Adding Circles

When you're done gluing the triangles you can also add circles on the center of the design.

You don't need art or drawing skills to make these wall decors.

Step 6: Framing

You can frame the wall art yourself, very easily. All you need is-
cardboard for the base (you can use utility knife to cut it)
wooden pieces for the 4 sides of the frame,
wood glue to stick the 4 corners,
clear polythene sheets to protect your art from getting ruined ,
hammer and screws to attach the polythene sheet with the frame and
finally, attach a hanging mechanism with the frame.
There, it's done!
Wasn't that fun and easy?

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