Introduction: Easy Way to Get Nichrome

Hello, so today I was building an electronic igniter. Upon doing so I needed something that could heat up to hot to burn, that being Nichrome. As much as I needed I didn't want to wait ( so while I was looking at peoples ibles on igniters and someone commented about them using Nichrome from a old soldering iron so I went to my workshop and luckily I had a old soldering iron... and what do you know there was 2 fairly long pieces of a lower gauge (not really sure what). (Sorry for the no pictures I had done this a few minutes ago and couldn't put it back together)

Step 1: Step 1: Taking Apart the Soldering Iron

Most soldering iron may have a twistable handle that can be removed (some may need to be cut open).

Step 2: Step 2: Removing the Nichrome

In my soldering iron there were two plastic shell kind of thing over each wire while there was also a metal clamp holding them together. All you have to do is remove the metal clamp holding them together then you have to remove the plastic shell. Some (mine did) may have another almost cardboard like smaller shell underneath the plastic like shell. Now you have 1 to a few strips of Nichrome. Thank you for looking at my ible... and please vote for me in the Reuse Contest.